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Pollux: de innovatieve Lichtmachine

donderdag 8 november 2012 door Webmaster

Pollux: The Innovative Light Machine

The story
Working as volunteer (PUM) consultants worldwide, we were confronted with the absence of adequate lighting in rural areas. The solution was found by integrating solar energy, battery, LED lamps, controlled by smart electronics in one product. Prototypes were produced and presented to customers in Cambodia, Honduras and Benin to get their comments. Their reactions were overwhelming and stimulating. Their suggestions were introduced into the production version, Pollux, using latest technologies, hi-quality components.

The Pollux is an innovative professional hi-quality light machine: Extreme performances, completely integrated, ‘one button’ operation, lightweight, fully waterproof (IP67).

  • Its design is environmental friendly and sustainable (C2C).
  • Its performance (200 lumen during 12 hours) beats other products on the market.
  • The quality of the used components should guarantee an above-average long life.
  • It supplies safe, clean energy for lighting or charging small devices like cell phones.
  • Additional options can be added through its ‘intelligent electronics’.
  • No additional costs for installation, cables etc. are to be foreseen.
  • Handles, suspension brackets.
  • Produced in large quantities its price will achieve an affordable level.

Lighting homes, schools, public buildings to enable people to work and study after dark.
The Pollux will enhance safety and socializing contacts.
It is very useful in case of emergencies like thunderstorms, inundations and earthquakes.

Up to 95% of rural sub-Saharan Africa has no access to electricity: Millions of people are hampered in their development. People spend lots of money on kerosene and batteries. They have the right to live in a cleaner, safer an healthier world and have access to safe lighting, save energy and to reduce CO2 and unnecessary woodcut.

To help these people who have no access to grid electricity or reliable power supply and have the right to live in a cleaner, safer an healthier world.

At this start-up phase we are looking for reliable partners, supporting us to achieve our goals.
More information and technical details can be found on the website van de TheLightFactory

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